Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mission Papers are in!!!

Last night I got an e-mail from my stake president. He informed me that my papers have officially been sent in! Not sure if it was last night or another day, but they're in! I should be getting my call anytime in the next two weeks.

I'm beyond excited to know where I'm going. I always thought when I was young that if I went on a mission, I'd want to go foreign. And although I still think that would be way cool (especially if I got to learn another language), I've come to a point where I'd be perfectly happy in Idaho, Montana, California or New York. Anywhere stateside would be just as exciting as going out of the country.

All I can say about waiting for your call is- be strong, remember why you're serving (it will not be a vacation!), and be excited! You've been called by the Lord to serve His children- to bring them knowledge of the one, true gospel!

If anyone so desires, I've created a Facebook page here, and you're more than welcome to guess when and where I'll be going!

Gah! XD Two weeks....

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