Saturday, August 24, 2013

Writing your acceptance letter

When you get your mission call and look through the booklet the Mission Office will send, in the back of the book is a sheet for you to write your mission acceptance letter to the First Presidency. The main thing I've heard from RMs (returned missionaries) and parents is to write your letter prayerfully. This is a declaration of sorts as to what kind of missionary you'll be and your willingness to follow the will of the Lord in all things.

I honestly had no idea how to write the letter, so I looked at a few examples online and they were very different from each other, but they gave me an idea of what was acceptable to write. I prayed about what to write and pondered, before writing a rough draft and then composing my final letter. My final letter changed quite a bit from my rough draft, but there's only so much space for you to write so I went with what I felt was best. Your bishop will look through and endorse the letter before it's sent off to the First Presidency, so don't be too worried about writing something inappropriate. If you're uncertain of what to write, try to follow your gut and write a rough draft and have your bishop look it over before writing your final letter. I know he would be more than willing to give you honest feedback.

My advice is- follow the Spirit, be mature but not flowery and get to the point. This is to let them know you have accepted the call and are taking this sacred calling seriously. Here is what I wrote for my acceptance letter to give you an idea of how to write it. Please follow the Spirit and use your own words when writing your letter.

Dear Brethren:
I am pleased to accept the call you and the Lord have extended to me to serve in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission. I feel that this is truly an inspired call and that I am fully capable of bringing God's children to a knowledge of His love and His great plan of salvation. 
I have been and shall continue to prepare for this mission by praying, studying the Book of Mormon and other materials for the use of missionaries. I have great respect for this sacred calling and pray everyday that I may be strengthened and refined so I may be an example for those around me. I strive always to be worthy of the Spirit and to be led by the Spirit in all things. 
Thank you for this calling and for your inspiring faith in Jesus Christ.
Hannah Marie Ruth

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