Sunday, November 17, 2013

"I love the people of Indiana already"

I thought I'd share with you a few excerpts from the letter Hannah sent me on Friday, November 15:

"I love the people of Indiana already and I haven't even met them yet. The thing is, God wouldn't send us somewhere we wouldn't have success. This is the last push and all our job is to gather the last of those who wish to be saved. We may plant some last minute seeds (so to speak) on the way, but this is it. There are some there that are ready and willing to accept the gospel..... When you go with confidence and with God before you, you'll succeed. Period. Mission success isn't measured in numbers, although they're certainly a motivator. If I can talk to and teach 1000 people in a few months, bare testimony and follow God exactly, even if only one accepts the gospel I've succeeded. "

"The most important thing about teaching is rely wholly upon the spirit. And we've been commanded by a prophet or apostle (can't remember which one. I'll look it up later) to invite investigators to baptism on the first visit. It's a commandment. It's really hard, but you have to do it or there will be NO success. "
Hannah is doing great guys! She flies out to Indiana on Tuesday! 

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