Friday, November 1, 2013


Only a few days left! Gah, I don't know what to do with myself. It seems the closer it gets the harder it is to concentrate. :/
I have accomplished a few things though. I've essentially finished packing. Obviously I'll be stuffing in a few last minute things (i.e. garments, towels, makeup, etc.), but otherwise all of my clothes are packed and ready to go!
If you'd like to know what I did, keep reading!

Here's my lovely mess spread before me! It took about 20 minutes to decide where to start... :/

I am using 2 smaller bags to help beat the weight limit! We found these around the house from siblings who had gone out of country, but you can easily find luggage at the D.I. (Deseret Industries) for SUPER CHEAP (like $6 cheap O.o), thrift stores, family or if you want to splurge and get fancy stuff you can go to JCPenney and other department stores.
I started with my largest suitcase and my bulkiest items. I have no idea if there will be snow by the time I get to Indiana, so hopefully they'll give us a report in the MTC before we leave. If there is no snow, I'll start with my boots.

I bought a package of  15 disposable shower caps for less than a dollar and used these on my shoes (but not my boots cause they've never been worn).

Then I placed my scarves and other cold accessories around them.

To start, I ironed all of my shirts and did a mixture of rolling to reduce wrinkles and folding-ish. Here's what I mean:

I laid my clothes over my boots on the hangers. I did about 2 shirts one direction from the long side, and 2 on the other side. 

(Click here for the original video to this packing method.)

From the short side, I folded my skirts in half lengthwise and laid half of them on one end, half on the other.
You can't see it here, but I laid more shirts on top and folded the sleeves in at the natural crease (or at the arm/shoulder seam.
Once I did that, I folded the part of my top shirt layer that was hanging out in, then my skirts and the last layer of my shirts, neatly tucking any ends down the sides of the suitcase.
The bulk of the clothes should be enough that there hopefully won't be too much of a crease, if a crease at all!
In my smaller suitcase I started with my coat. I planned to have more fragile type items in here, so I'm using this as a cushion. I did the same type of idea as above with half the coat hanging out and one arm in.
Next I packed my hair dryer, diffuser and concentrator attachments.
I had some extra shirts for exercising, pajamas, service and undershirts, so I laid those flat on top of one another.
Fold in half and role! Rolling is great at preventing wrinkles, but the bundles can get rather large when you're packing for 18 months!
I placed the bundle toward the edge to keep fragile items from impacting hard while my luggage is being thrown around by TSA. >.<
For items that could spill or explode, I packed them in Ziploc baggies and stuffed them anywhere and everywhere.
For hygiene products, razors and such I packed those in the side zippers inside the front flap of the suitcase, along with my socks and hamper. Everything else I added on top.
Once I placed my shoes in shower caps and added them to my luggage I did have to extend the top flap, BUT they still fit the size requirements. Each suitcase is also within the weight limit- around 30-40 pounds each.

I hope this was useful ladies! Happy packing!

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