Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hi all!
Merry Christmas! How are all of your Christmas parties and plans going? It's been great out here! We actually have no snow now. We've had rain for about 3 days straight. It's dry today, but very cold.

This week has been super crazy. We had several lessons fall through because people were in the ER, BUT I was able to invite an investigator to baptism on our first real lesson with her! She said as she found out for herself that she would do it :) She's such an amazing woman who is going through some hard things, but I think she really knows that this gospel can change her life for the better.
Our Investigator, K, is adorable! Unfortunately we've not seen her as much as we'd like this week, but we did get to meet with her one day. We never got to our full lesson with her about the Word of Wisdom because she is a talker, but I love it :) She and her husband were ecstatic when we told them who our bishop is. (He's a big-to-do judge out here, if I haven't already mentioned that.) Funny thing is, they actually know our bishop! K's husband was being charged falsely with something and when bishop told him that it was his lucky day, he said, "Thank you, Jesus!" and walked right out! haha they're crazy, but they'd make great Mormons!
Thursday all 250 or so of us missionaries went to Fishers for our Christmas Conference. It started at 10am and didn't get over until 7pm. We had a great training session on the attributes of Christ from our APs, Sister Training Leaders and Presidency. I'd encourage all of you to either pull out your Preach My Gospel or go onto and find the section in PMG titled, "How Do I Develop Christlike Attributes". Each attribute is pretty short, but it cuts out all of the fluff and gets to the point.
After the training session, we had a great lunch provided by the Fishers 1st ward ( I think), games- compliments of Sister Cleveland, and a talent show which was THE BEST! Our Sister Training leaders went first and were hilarious. They did some sort of Christmas medley on Kazoos and they sung as well. We had a lot of pianists (and a lot of our elders even wrote their own music which was beautiful), a violinist, a few singers, an elder played the ukelele and the very best (or worst) was the last. Our APs and a few of their favorite elders had a rap battle about who was better: Purdue or IU. Purdue won, but only because they had an elder do parkour- he even did a flip off of the stage over President and Sister Cleveland's heads onto the gym floor.
Friday night we went back to Fishers and spent the night with Sister Vidmar's old companion because Saturday, there was an Indian family that she had taught that got baptized. 4 out of the 5 were baptized (because the youngest was 3). They all had to be dunked multiple times because their names were pronounced wrong, but they're so solid! The mom who got dunked the most said after that she almost wanted to go under more because it was the most amazing feeling! President came to that.
Sunday was the best day by far though! In Terre Haute, our bishop's mother got baptized! President came for that as well. Including family, friends, ward members, investigators and the missionaries in our zone, there were over 100 people at Sister Vs baptism! She is the sweetest thing on the planet. It was a great confirmation to me about how we should always share the gospel with others, but allow them their agency. As we share the truth of our gospel, it will stick with them and when they're ready, they'll accept it with a full heart and be truly devoted to the cause of Christ. Sister V is already having missionary moments with her friends and her other sons who aren't members. Next Sunday she'll be confirmed. I wish you all could have been here to witness it!
For Christmas Eve we will be with the same family that had us for Thanksgiving, and then we have three family's we'll visit on Christmas Day: one to watch the kids open presents, another to have lunch and a third to have dinner and talk with my mamma! Hehe be jealous ;)

I love you all so much!
Sister Ruth

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