Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi everyone! I know it's been a while. It seems like we never have time for anything on P-days. We've been getting snow on and off out here and it can't seem to decide if it wants to be in the 40s or the negatives haha.
I had my first interview with President Cleveland yesterday. He's so cool! I do not envy his calling by any means, but he does so good at it. He always has great advice and I'm grateful he and his wife decided to serve. While we were waiting to be interviewed we hung out with our zone (there is 12 of us) and played Corn Hole (or bean toss). Elders are the best! They're so goofy but they're so knowledgeable. Maybe I'm just biased, but missionaries in Terre Haute are bomb!

We had a special training for all of us new missionaries that came out 9 weeks  ago and it was really great. They trained on different ways we can plan more efficiently and how to utilize the pamphlets in our lessons with investigators and members. If you don't know what pamphlets I'm talking about see if you can set something up with the missionaries in your area to have a lesson from them if they aren't too busy. It's great for us to practice, but it also helps you so you know exactly what we're teaching so you can share the gospel with others too!
We've had 8 new investigators in the last two weeks. One that we met with yesterday is an absolute gem! She's struggling to know if God is there but she wants to believe like she sees other Christians believing which is a huge benefit. Her member friends are really what started this whole journey for her, so don't shy about having a gospel conversation with your friends or honestly answering their questions with what you believe. You never know when something you say might inspire them to start looking for the truth.
Another investigator we're working with was actually someone that the previous sisters weren't able to have much success with, but somehow we were able to connect with her in a more personal way and she has been excelling! The most amazing thing to watch out here is people's growth as they take a step into the unknown to find out if what they're learning is true.
Something that has been focused on a lot in our ward and mission is Genealogy. There was a video that you could probably find on one of the church websites about the youth in a stake that took action to get involved in taking family names to the temple. They did this all on their own and I think there was 80+ youth that were able to find family names and then take them to the temple for baptisms. Because the youth did this of their own volition, it got their families more involved. Tons of people out here are interested in family history. If you haven't been on FamilySearch recently, get on there! The pictures are so much fun to look at and work for the dead is super important. As you work to find out more of your family tree, the Lord will bless you and you'll know with surety how grateful your ancestors are for the work you're doing!
Love you all!
Sister Ruth

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