Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Many Miracles!

E-mail from January 13

This week there has been so many miracles! We contacted so many people even with the bad weather and we've been able to start seeing some former and new investigators on a regular basis! We have our investigator K on date for February 22. Of course things may happen and she may need some more time, but the fact that she's still progressing is great! I love her testimony. Sister V (who got baptized last month) has a cleaning lady and she was over during one of our visits and started asking us questions and she wants to meet with us again! How cool is that? Her questions are really good ones too. Definitely questions of the soul.

My new companion got her flight itinerary today :( It's so saaaaad that she's going home! But it will be good. I'm sure God has some fabulous young gentleman that he's going to put in her path. 2 whole months... Time is flying. It's a good thing but it's scary too. We have to go to Fishers this week for a specialized training so that's going to be fun. It's a 200+ mile round trip and 2.5 hours each way. I hope to have more details next week! Love ya!

Sister Ruth

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