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E-mail from December 30, 2013
I hope everyone's Christmas was bomb! Mine was! We had so much food, I thought I might explode. The family that hosted us on Christmas day made prime rib, pork, chicken, salmon, dressing, mashed potatoes, and bunches of other stuff! (They're definitely on the higher income end haha.) The best part was Skyping with my mommy! :D
So this week wasn't as busy with Christmas, but we've still made a lot of progress. We're working through the whole ward list and are contacting all of the Less-Actives to try and help them come back to church and find fellowship. It's slow, but we've made quite a bit of headway since we started.
Our investigator with a baptismal date got it moved back from January 18th- January 25th, and it may end up being in February at this point if they don't move. He's so ready to be baptized, but there is so much going on in his life that only God knows if he'll manage to get to church. I'm crossing my fingers!
We met with a recently converted family yesterday which was AMAZING! I really admire this whole family- especially the mom. There are four boys who range from 8-15 years old, the grandmother is over often along with cousins, uncles and aunts. The mom is very young, but has done such a great job taking on these boys. She's stunning and hard working. I wish all of you could meet them! I'm hoping to get a picture with all of them before I get transferred out of Terre Haute.
There isn't much else going on in the area right now except transfers are here! At 11pm last night we got a call and this is what's happening: half of my district is getting transferred out of Terre Haute. One Zone Leader is going home, two elders are leaving and one is becoming a District Leader, my companion (Sister Vidmar) and another sister are leaving and becoming Sister Training Leaders and our current District Leader is leaving as well. Normally new missionaries stay with their trainers for a full 12 weeks, but not this time! I'm so excited for Sister Vidmar. I get to stay in Terre Haute (thank goodness!) and my follow-up trainer was previously a STL. I'm so excited to find out who she is!
Wednesday, here I come!
I love you all!
Sista Bible

 These are our zone leaders. Elder G. Smith is going home today!

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