Saturday, February 15, 2014

Little Miracles

 Letter from February 3 

This week has been full of little miracles!
To start: I have a wonderful companion! She's been so patient and encouraging with me and I'm ever grateful to her! ... she's been there with me every day to lift me up.
Second: An investigator we've been working with for a while that is getting baptized in May is doing amazing! She is a miracle investigator. She comes from a very rough background and has gone through a lot and she happened to get connected with a family in our ward that has also been through some rough times. Since she has been living with them she started coming to church and asking questions. Every lesson we've taught her she has soaked up. At first she would have tons of questions and now it seems like she's able to find answers to her questions at church and as she continues to study the Book of Mormon and other materials we've given her.
She has been looking for a job for a while and last week she got one! It's the perfect hours for her and it gives her the weekend off. She has diligently been coming to church and has seen the changes in her daily life. She glows whenever we see her and I am so grateful that she's come into our lives!
There was also sunshine this week! Not a ton, but better than it's been. I think God did that just for me haha! Apparently this week we're going to be getting about 22" of snow :( Snow is great, don't get me wrong, but that much in one go? Not so good. The problem out here is that it tends to rain before it snows so everything gets wet and ices over, THEN is snows and it's a really wet, heavy snow that is incredibly heavy when you try to shovel it. Potentially we'll be snowed in or locked down for a day or two. Hopefully not!
As a last hurrah for Sister Pitcher we will be going bowling with our zone today. Oooh! I almost forgot to tell you: I'm learning how to play chair soccer and I can officially throw a football! Isn't the thought of me with a football in my hand terrifying? Apparently I'm not half bad but last week I did jam my finger pretty good. It turned blue for several days, but all is well!
On another note: I got to see part of Courageous last Monday! Don't worry! We're not going apostate! We got permission and watched the first half with some members and a part member family. It was actually really good! I'd encourage you all to watch Courageous if you're needing a wholesome movie (and apparently Fireproof who is directed by the same person is really good too).
Love you all!
Sister Ruth

 Temple Progress!
Sister Pitcher being awesome