Monday, March 10, 2014

New Week!

 Letter from February 24, 2014
Meet my new companion! Sister London!
This week has been a teensy bit crazy! We had Zone Conference (and had 3 or 4 different zones from the surrounding area) in Bloomington. Our Mission President came along with his assistants, a counselor, his wife and pretty much all of the office staff. We did tons of trainings and learned a lot from car care to studying for ourselves in the Book of Mormon.
We have permission to read the Book of Mormon for 30 whole minutes every morning! Well... We were kinda admonished to do it, actually. It can be difficult to study it as much as we should with all that we have to study (Adjusting to Missionary Life, The First 12 Weeks (for those that are in training), Preach My Gospel, BoM, the Bible, pamphlets, Jesus the Christ, etc.). It's definitely getting easier to spend our studies wisely though! Just takes practice.
The baptism that we have coming up for an 11 year old girl got moved back a week, but that's only because the person she is having baptize her will be out of town for the normal day. Otherwise she is right on track!
This week we picked up an investigator again who had recently dropped us. I love her! We hadn't seen her for about a week and she sent us a text saying that she had found another church. We dropped in randomly just to check in on her a few days ago and she was still reading the Book of Mormon! We haven't been working with her for much more than a month and a half and she's already in 2 Nephi 8 all on her own! Let me tell ya, I'm excited. She still says she won't come to church or get baptized, but that'll change whether it's while I'm still here or not, she's diligently searching and I know that one of these days it will hit her that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
The same day we picked up this investigator again we stopped by another former that I personally haven't been able to teach since we got into Terre Haute. Her family I believe is Pentecostal and she is 9 years old. She wants to learn from us so bad! She already took much of the discussions from the previous sisters and knows it's true and her mom said she could get baptized if she proved she was serious, but while we were talking to her mom about coming back another day the dad came out of a back room and started yelling at us. First time I've been yelled at and called a freak out here. It was honestly kind of funny, but of course we got out of there. I feel bad because that girl really wants to learn, but her parents are so non-supportive. Hopefully she'll remember what she's already learned and learn more when she gets older and on her own.
Today we went to Square Donut and they finally had a few glazed left! They're just about as good as Krispy Kreme. No joke! AND they're square :)
Not much else to report this week other than my companion and I missing our chance to potentially hold a tiger cub today for the sake of saving miles.  :'(
Hope y'alls have a good'un! ;)
Sister Ruth

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