Monday, March 10, 2014

The Buffet Restoration

Letter from March 3
Helloooo Utah! (And California!)

We got to go to a play for an investigator this week! It was so much fun :D It was a middle school production and a historical take on the Trojan war. It lasted around 30 minutes, but we were all busting up. Our investigator was of course, THE BEST! I wish I had been that cool when I was 11 :/
We've got another investigator on date for April 5th but this particular investigator has been on and off date a lot so hopefully things will work out this time around. He's almost 11. Anyone noticing a trend with the 10 and 11 year old kids we're working with? *Raises hand*
On Wednesday we helped a member clean their apartment because the mom is going out of town for a week or so for work and her parents are coming to help with the family. She is a super neat member. Typically she and her husband feed us twice a month and they have us and the elders over at the same time which is always a blast but a little crazy too! After we helped her she took us to a Japanese buffet and it was very delicious. I'm not sure if it was Japanese or not, but they had these green beans that they cooked in butter and garlic and something else. They were delicious! There was also a really weird looking fruit that I tried. It was white and almost looked like a plum or peach that had been pitted. Have no idea what it was, but it twas yummy!
Later that night another member took us out to eat and we ended up at Tepanyaki, which is another buffet. I finally got to try lobster! (Yes, I know, it was at a buffet so it was probably nowhere close to what it should have tasted like, but I still liked it!)
The highlight of our week has been some of the newest investigators we are meeting with. It's a couple that doesn't live too far from us. We've been trying to meet with the guy since I first got to Terre Haute and we were finally able to have our first two lessons with them this and last week! We taught the Restoration and when we finally got to the part about the Book of Mormon and pulled it out to show them their eyes lit up! They were so excited to read it! I'm convinced that it is 1) because they've been prepared by God and 2) because of the member we had come with us. Our Relief Society President really connected with the woman and she will be bringing her husband with her to the next lesson we have. I can't wait to teach them again!
Friday I got to train my district on the principle of the Restoration, focusing mostly on Joseph Smith and the First Vision. I had a blast doing it, which I never thought I'd say! One of my elders told me that I should have been a Baptist preacher in another life. Out here, I fully take that as a compliment!
Here's a thought for you based upon the Restoration. We know that Christ's ministry and atonement on the earth was the single most important act in human history, but what is the second? I would say the First Vision, but to really understand the First Vision, we need to understand the extenuating circumstances which affected Joseph Smith and ultimately led him to be in the time and place where he could receive and accept that wonderful revelation. I was able to do some research in the Joseph Smith History, Our Search for Happiness and Our Heritage about these circumstances and I'd encourage you all to do the same. When we come to understand the true importance behind the Restoration, it makes it all that more powerful when we testify of it to our family, friends and neighbors.
Share the gospel, people!

With lotsa love from the Hoosier State,
Sista Ruth

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