Monday, April 21, 2014

Conference!!! :D

E-mail from April 7, 2014

Hello Hello!!!!

Soooo, how was everyone's conference? Mine was AMAZING! For real, Conference is one of God's greatest gifts to modern man in my opinion. I've heard a few people say they loved Utchtdorf's. I absolutely loved Elder Christofferson's though. Twas sick! His was probably my favorite and then Elder Aidukaitis (and not just cause he has an awesome accent!).

What was something that you learned from conference or that stuck out to you? Something that I kept hearing over and over again was, "Keep your covenants", "love one another", and "get back to basic principles". If you missed any of the sessions, go watch them now! We all need the spiritual lift that the words of our prophets and leaders can give us. And did anyone get goose bumps when President Monson announced that when all of the temples currently under construction are finished we will have 170 working temples? I know I did!

This week went quite well! We got a few new investigators and have started our Church Tour Training! Apparently this isn't a world-wide thing, but it's been awesome since we've been learning what it is that we will be sharing in the coming months. There is practically no better place to teach an investigator and invite to baptism than in a dedicated church. 

Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week didn't really happen to me and Sister London. The elders that are serving in town with us- Elder Shirley and Elder Litster- got a new investigator and got to bring him to conference! What happened is Sister London and I gave these elders some of the former investigators from our area book (almost all of which I'd never even met). They chose to drop by this former investigator and he wanted to learn more. They taught him and committed him to come to conference and he made it to the first session! Apparently his mouth dropped when Elder Holland (I think) was talking about those in attendance who had been invited by missionaries. He also started talking to the elders about baptism so unless there is an unforeseen issue, they should be able to commit him to a date soon! YAY FOR TERRE HAUTE!

This coming week we are going on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and then next week we get to participate in a Specialized Sister Training. Lots of great things are happening! 

Also, since Easter is coming, what are you doing to prepare yourself? Are you focusing on the treats or on the Spirit? If you have any traditions or things that you like to do to make this holiday more meaningful, please share! (We always like sharing these things with members, investigators and using them ourselves to stay focused and have fun.)

See you in the Celestial! ;)

Sister Ruth

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