Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter, Easter!

Hello all!
This week was quite fun! We had a lot of events that we got to participate in and we have another investigator on date for a baptism!
To start out with, on Wednesday all of the sisters in our mission go to participate in a Specialized Training for Sisters meeting. The theme was D.O.T.S. or, "Depend on the Savior". The gym was decorated in black and pink and polka dots. It lasted from 10am until 5:30. The first half in the morning was all spiritual training and a spiritual uplift. There were several speakers including our Mission President, his wife, both of his counselors, a Sister Training Leader and a member from one of the Fishers wards. My personal favorite trainings were President Cleveland and President Connelly (sp?).

President Cleveland spoke about Joan of Arc and likened her to us and what we are doing. Joan had an important mission which I believe was given to her from God. She was young, intelligent and loved by many. She saw that her country needed to be united and so she followed what the Spirit led her to do and yes, in the end she lost her life, but she accomplished what God desired.
President Connelly spoke about Women and the Priesthood. He used Elder Oaks' talk and also referred to Sheri Dew's book, Women and the Priesthood. It really opened my eyes to things I already knew, but didn't fully understand. Now I have a testimony of how powerful the work that women do truly is in the sight of God and I have a far better understanding about why women have no need to hold the priesthood. I wish I could share with you exactly what he said, but that would probably take up too much of your time. If you want to know the gist of what he taught, re-watch or listen to Elder Oaks' talk from this last General Conference.
In the afternoon, we got to eat Cafe Rio style food and we learned how to do Tabata and Zumba. The Tabata was torturous but the Zumba was pretty fun since we got to listen to real music haha! (Slumdog Millionaire anyone?) After that we got delicious green smoothies and did a clothing exchange. The best part of it all though was seeing the senior elder missionaries and the Assistants to the President wear black polka dot aprons with big pink bows on them.
The second and third biggest events of my week were on Saturday. After our Missionary Correlation Meeting all the missionaries in our zone got to go with Bishop Newton to the Holocaust Museum and hear Eva Kor, a survivor of Auschwitz speak to us. She was ten when she, her twin sister and their family were taken from Romania to Germany a little less than a year before Auschwitz was liberated. She never knew what happened to her family, but she and her sister became part of Dr. Mengele's infamous experiments on twins. The most amazing part of her story was how she learned how to forgive Dr. Mengele. She was so cute! She talked to us all a little bit afterward and was very impressed by how neatly dressed we all were haha!

That same evening we had a lesson with a newer investigator and we were able to set a baptismal date with her for June 14th! She is so amazing. She is reading the Book of Mormon and understands it quite well. She says it makes sense that there would be more records throughout the world and she already loves the Carmel and Salt Lake City temples without fully understanding why.
After that lesson, we went over to St. George's Orthodox Church. It's a small chapel, but beautiful inside with candles and stained glass windows and paintings everywhere! We were there with Bishop Newton again and they were doing their Easter service. The service started at 8pm and got done somewhere close to 11pm. (Don't worry, we got special permission from President!) After the service they held a feast in their cultural hall and the food was delicious! I got to talk to the priest for a minute about religious studies because he is essentially a genius. He lived in Lebanon until he was 15 or 16 and then spent the next 15 or so years in Canada. He knows Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, French and Arabic on top of his English. It was all very interesting to listen to and to see how many things they have right or almost right.
Did you all have a great Easter? Did you get to watch the video, "Because of Him"? If not, go watch it now! It's not just for Easter!
Love you all!

Sister Ruth

PS here's a pic of the lovely Eva Kor!

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