Monday, April 21, 2014


 E-mail from March 24, 2014
Yeesh, I haven't talked to y'all in a minute! (I'm learning to speak Hoosier, can you tell? Other common phrases are, "couple three" and "right close".)

I didn't get transferred! Yay for 6 months in Terre Haute :D (Well, almost 6 months anyway). Who else is excited for Conference in less than two week? I know I am! Any guesses on new temples or announcements?

There isn't a whole ton to report about this week. The highlights were that they have cherry limeade Fanta in Sam's Club (and I mean from the fountain). We spent almost a whole day in Brazil, which was great. Our most recent convert Cheyenne was up there with her brother and we and the elders in Brazil have been asked to teach her brother even though he is 8 years old. Anywho, we got to spend the evening with those kiddos in a member's home and learn about the Restoration which was fantastic!
On Friday at our weekly service for a less-active we got to help her sign up on It was neat because before she had decided to "leave" the Church she had done tons of her family history on her mothers side and sent it into the Church. Well, it turns out that they had put it on FamilySearch so when she signed up she could immediately connect! The neatest part was just trying to see how far we could get back and we got back FAR! We actually ended up getting all the way to Adam and Eve. :) Of course we know that any dates prior to the 1600s are pretty sketchy, BUT just the mere thought that it was possible to get all the way back was neato!

Saturday we got to help a member work on a house that he is flipping. Sister London and I got stuck with the very feminine jobs of cleaning the fridge and the windows. Let me tell you though, that fridge was a piece of work! It was only 6 months old but the person who owned it before had never (and I mean NEVER) cleaned it. But after an hour or so, it was shining! It looked essentially brand new after we got our hands on it! ;) We rock!
ALSO before we went to do service our Ward Mission Leader took us to Tepanyaki! I got to eat an octopus! It wasn't too bad honestly. Kinda chewy, but the flavor was decent.
 We had a fun lesson after church yesterday with a couple we haven't been able to see in a long time. We took a member and his wife and he happened to be a history buff (he's working on his doctorate). Turns out it was a great idea! Our investigator is a bit of a conspiracy theorist and tends to get off on these tangents about history and such, but we were able to keep things on track for the most part this time and finish teaching the Plan of Salvation. I tell ya, that lesson either goes great or it's liable to get you kicked out of places!

Well, love you all!

Sister Ruth

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