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E-mail from March 17, 2014

Transfers are coming up in a week and a half! Next Sunday I'll know for sure if I'm staying in Terre Haute or not. I can't decide if I want to stay or move on- I've definitely enjoyed it here and I love the people we're working with right now, but I can tell that soon if not this coming transfer I'll need to get out of here. Members seem to get antsy having the same missionaries for too long.
So this week we've met with a lot of people on the street and knocking on doors. It actually feels pretty good to tract. We've had tons of appointments, so really tracting was just to fill our time up a little between appointments. We had an awesome experience with contacting a headquarter referral. He had been taught a while back by missionaries so we decided to check in on him. Well.... He was insane... Or high. Not sure which. Anywho, we decided to send the elders over the next day but we had left him a pass-along card with our number on it and at 1 am he called an left us two messages. The first said:

"Hello, I'm Bob (we'll just pretend his name is Bob...).
I wanted to let you know that I want to have a daughter. And I want her to be president... Of something...
Thank you."

The second message said:

"Hello, I'm Bob and I just called. I wanted my daughter to be president of the United States.
Thank you."
For real. LUCKILY our sound was off, so it didn't wake us up BUT that was the best, funniest thing to wake up to haha!
Needless to say we will not be meeting with his man again and neither will the elders.
We Also found an investigator through a non-member referral. We were tracting around a headquarter referral's house and ran into a drunk lady. Well she wouldn't let us come in at first but immediately gave us a referral to a neighbor which didn't turn out but after that she let us come in and talked to us for a few minutes. We taught her about he Book of Mormon, gave her a copy and then she sent us to a different apartment building where we ended up getting our new investigator! Pretty sweet, right?
We also got another investigator through a member. I guess she is just really confused about what we believe (and we think about what she believes) and we have another appointment in a few days. We have no idea how this will turn out because someone that is close to our member may actually be anti-ing (sp?) her which is depressing, but whatever. :/
The lowest point of the week was definitely Friday evening. It was pi day (3.14) and we got pie at lunch and we were able to do some service earlier in the day which was great, but our appointment that evening was a disaster. Not because we taught wrong or anything, but rather the investigator completely closed herself off to a discussion. She had a couple questions which we started to answer and then she shut us down and proceeded to have a happy conversation with the member we had brought with us. We attempted several times to get things back on track, but this went on for an hour and a half! Way longer than we're supposed to teach. We felt horrible after. We talked about it after and we think that the reason that things went so bad was really because the Spirit was essentially saying she isn't ready. It's pretty sad because she's a great Methodist lady and her member friends really want us to teach her, but we have no idea how to explain this to them... Oi!
Last night we went to a fireside called, "Why I Believe," for recent converts to share their conversion process and testimony. It was really cool! Some members took us and we went to support the most recent convert for some of the elders in our ward. She shared a fantastic testimony as well as the others that were there.
As far as today goes, I got to rescue a Book of Mormon and an Awake! magazine (Jehovah's Witness) from the garbage can in our apartment building's laundry room. There's a little table in there that has a copy of the Bible on it, so obviously we put a Book of Mormon there open to the portrait of Christ. The JW's come by every once in a while to put their magazine there as well. A few weeks ago we noticed that someone had put the Bible on top of the Book of Mormon and put both of those on top of the magazine. We of course rearranged so everything could be seen. Well, today obviously everything but the Bible had been thrown away. It's sad to see and meet so many "Christians" that really aren't Christian-hearted. I hope one day their eyes will be opened and they'll start acting the way Christ wants them too. BUT it's all just another witness to me that we have the true gospel and something in their spirit knows it, but the natural man has taken over so far that they have started fighting against us with fire. Luckily, we've got our own fire that cannot be quenched!
I love you all! Hope you're week is fabulous!

PS In case any of you didn't know, there are a MILLION squirrels in Indiana. Here's proof! One day I will eat one of these little critters!

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