Monday, July 14, 2014

Black Squirrels

E-mail from May 27, 2014

Hello all! Guess what?
Our investigator got BAPTIZED!!!! Yep, you read that right! He is halfway a member of the church. Next step: confirmation! (He went out of town directly after his baptism, so pray nothing happens between now and next Sunday! :/ )
Memorial day was fantastic! We got to spend the afternoon with our Ward Mission Leader and his family. We ate lots of salsa and played Frisbee and generally were sassy toward one another. That's one of the great things about being in Indiana: it's socially acceptable to be sassy. JK! But really...
After our Memorial Day celebrations, I stepped across the border into Michigan! Oops! ;) (Our Ward Mission Leader's parent's house is literally on the border, so it was inevitable that it would happen!) I also got to see a black squirrel. Yup. I had no idea that those existed!

Friday I did a training at our district meeting on Dignity. Imagine that: Sister Ruth training on dignity. It went really well and I have to admit I was a little pointed due to some issues in the area with lack of sensitivity toward the plights of investigators and members. Hopefully the training will stick with some missionaries so they can have better success with teaching!
On Sunday we had some interestingly simple miracles. First things first: one of our investigators came to Stake Conference several weeks back and hasn't come to church since. Well, Sunday morning she called us to let us know that she would be coming as well as her mom! Previous to this, her parents have both been extremely anti. Her dad still is, but her mom is warming up and actually has started asking us questions and listening. Her mom stayed the entire time during church and seemed to really like it.

Second miracle: typically Sunday is usually half to three-quarters full with church meetings and studies, so that doesn't leave a ton of time for proselyting. Well... We got nine lessons on Sunday. Nine! We don't normally get more than five or six on a weekday, let alone a Sunday! Also, two of the lessons resulted from people seeing us and talking to us first before we even got the chance to open our mouths. Let me tell ya: fasting and praying for miracles works!
I promise that if you are struggling with something right now and you need a miracle, fast and pray for it! God truly does answer prayers. It's definitely not always in the way that we think we need it, but he never leaves us hanging and will always help us find solutions to our problems.

I love you all so much! Keep being awesome, and I'll write more next week!
Sister Ruth

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