Monday, July 14, 2014

Four :)

E-mail from June 30, 2014

Hello! Welcome to the humid season!

When I am back in Utah, I will never complain about it being humid ever, EVER again. We've had rain showers and incredible humidity almost every day for weeks, but I have to admit I'm kinda liking it. Not that it mixes well with my hair or makeup, BUT it is true what they say about it making your skin soft.

Our schedule this week went nuts! So many things happened/didn't happen I kinda felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off, BUT we still had a quite successful week. Four investigators came to church. FOUR!!! That's a first for me! We found several new investigators this week and I got to play volleyball on Tuesday. That was a blast! By no means am I very good, but I am better than the first time I played a few weeks ago! Maybe I'll actually have to participate in Church Volleyball when I get home :/

Tuesday we also got to help out at the Family History Center. To be honest we can't do a whole ton, BUT Sister Evans knew how to index and there was an older gentleman there working on it so we got to help him and I was able to learn how to do it in the process! I'm super pscyhed to get into it when I get home. Family History is AWESOME! You should do some this week ;)

We have recently started teaching a man and his "roommate" who live next to some of our recent members. We found them by accidentally "tracting" into them. The whole thing was totally planned. Really... Missionary work isn't particularly glorious in just happening across people (it happens, but not often). Sometimes it's like we are just shy of being stalkers. We see someone, the Spirit talks to us and then we have to devise the most effective way of "running into them" so they have to talk to us and then get hooked on the gospel. Either way, our methods seemed to work with this man. We aren't sure how solid he will be yet, but he's a big teddy bear of a man and his roommate seems to really be searching for something. Hopefully they are genuine! We were able to teach them that God is a loving Heavenly Father, key word being FATHER.

It's so bizarre to me the view that so many people take on God out here. Many of the Christians that we run into are not at all familiar with the Bible, although they claim to believe in everything it teaches and they have virtually no concept of who God really is. I've run into many who are essentially inactive in expressing their faith because they think He is bloodthirsty and that if He really loved us He: 1) would not have created Eve, 2) would not have made Christ suffer for us, 3) would not have allowed us to have agency. It's made me incredibly grateful for the knowledge that we have in the Restorted Gospel about all of these things and how God works. Hopefully we can continue getting through to these people because there are so many of them that are incredibly good people. They just don't realize how much more they could have.

Well, today we have a gazillion lessons! Since Friday is the 4th, our week got switched around a bit, so our normal preparation day activities will actually be on Friday. There have been fireworks galore for weeks out here since they are legal all year long. Hopefully we get to see some "accidentally" on Friday. :D

I hope all of you are doing awesome!!

Sister Ruth

PS here is a picture of one random Firefly from last week!

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