Monday, July 14, 2014


E-mail from June 23, 2014

Hi there! So I don't have too much time, but I wanted to drop a line and tell you that training is the best! It's hard. Incredibly hard, but I've got the best greenie who is so inspirational and in tune with the Spirit.

Mishawaka has been soaked with rain and little miracles! As missionaries we are always thinking about and studying for investigators and also for the active members that we visit and share dinner messages with. There is no point in sharing a message or lesson unless it's going to positively affect someone.

My favorite miracle of the week was having dinner with a member who is incredible. She has a very strong testimony and drive to stand up for the gospel and do missionary work. She has a wayward son that she always worries about and wants so badly for him to return to the gospel. When I realized we would be seeing her, I remembered an Ensign article from Elder Bednar that I read a few months ago that I thought would be perfect. The problem is I couldn't remember which issue it was in and so I had to go on a huge search. We've got a box of old Ensigns that go from the most current back to the early 2000s and they aren't in order. I started looking and had no luck, so I said a simple prayer. A few seconds later I found the ensign, looked inside and it was the right one! It's such a simple thing and yet when we were able to share that article with her, it gave her so much hope and she said it was exactly what she needed.

Missionaries come to harvest the souls of God's children that are ready to accept the gospel, but don't forget that we care about the members that we serve with! they do virtually everything for us: feed us, house us, give us rides and fellowship and help teach the people that we find or they give their friends to our care. Thank you to the wonderful members that do all they can to help us out because it really makes a difference!

I hope you are all fantastic and looking forward to the 4th of July!


Sister Ruth

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