Monday, October 13, 2014

Family History

E-mail 28 July 2014

Hey, you'uns!
Well, it's offical: Sister Ruth is getting transferred! But, it's all good cause Sister Evans is going to tear up Mishawaka with her new companion! The hardest part about leaving will definitely be missing Nora's baptism in August. Hopefully I'll be close enough that I can swing a ride back, but we'll have to see. Either way, NORA's getting BAPTIZED!!!
This week... The theme of this week has been sitting. That's pretty much all we've done! :/

Monday we had interviews, which always takes longer than planned. Tuesday, we had Preparation Day so that wasn't too bad, but it threw off our service and proselyting schedule. Wednesday, specialized training in Fishers and that's about a 3 hour drive one way. Not only that, but after a 3 hour drive down, we got to sit from 10-5 for the trainings. Then... 3 hours back and another hour for correlation with our WML. Yup.... That was lots of fun! (Actually, the trainings and correlation totally were! but man was I sore for days!)
This Saturday our stake held a Family History Fair and it was a blast! There was different trainings and presentations from RootTech at their convention in SLC. It went from 10-2, so we got to talk to some non-members from the community and learn a little bit more about the services available for more successful genealogy. My favorite presentation- and don't judge!- was from Jo Ann Cummings of the South Bend Chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).  I've always heard about the DAR as being a snobby society for pedigree nutsos and maybe down South that's what they are, but up here it's all about doing service in the community and having access to the DAR's library. That library... It's massive!  I'm going. Period. I don't know when or how, but whether or not I'm ever a DAR member, I wanna use that library! Haha, goals for the future!
The turn out for the fair was incredible! About 117 and many of them were non-members! We and all the other missionaries in the surrounding area were there and got to meet some people, so hopefully this will help cultivate more interest for the church!
Sunday was the best day ever! We had some great talks in church, but we got to have dinner with the Smith family and Nora came as well as Sister Smith's mom who is taking the discussions in South Bend. We talked about the different ways in which we serve in the church and had a great discussion about it. Let me tell you, no matter what the lesson is, if the Spirit is there and there is great fellowship for those who are learning, it's always a blast. I was pretty much on cloud nine when I left, even though nothing particularly miraculous happened. It was just a really great, cheerful and Spirit led meeting.
 Well, I gotz ta go, soooo I'll talk to you'uns next week!
Love you!

Sister Ruth

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