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E-mail from 7 July 2014

Hi all! What an interesting week in Mishawaka!

First off, Monday night we had an incredible storm! There was a tornado warning, the sirens were going off, crazy lightning. It was epic :) And funny because let's face it, Sister Evans and I were freaking out for a few minutes before we realized we just needed to chill out and we'd be fine.
No tornadoes touched down or anything, which is kinda lame (but a good thing too!), but there was a lot of damage from the wind. One street up from us virtually everyone had some sort of damage in their yards from their trees breaking or falling over, but luckily nothing too severe.
Wednesday we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and so I spent the day in South Bend. They have a fantastic lady that is getting baptized this weekend. She honestly is a Bible Scholar and so in tune with the Spirit! She knows her stuff and is so opinionated and steady- she is going to be one fantastic missionary and Gospel Doctrine teacher!

One of our investigators heard about this lady's baptism and before we had a chance to ask, she asked us if she could go to it and see what it was like! Of course we said yes! We can't wait to take her. I think it will really help her feel the Spirit and understand why baptism is so important.
Our schedules got a little thrown off with the 4th, so instead of having a full Preparation Day last Monday, we had it on Friday. Well, let me just tell you all the things we got to do:

First, we went to Notre Dame. Notre Dame is gorgeous!!! There are so many trees there and the buildings are beautiful. We walked around the book store for a bit and then we went to see the Basilica, got lots of pictures along the way. I didn't take any inside (out of respect), but it was stunning! The frescoes on the ceiling were fascinating and there were statues and icons everywhere. It was probably three times bigger than the Cathedral of the Madeline, maybe bigger. Needless to say I was a happy duck!

After that we went to see "Touch Down Jesus", the burning bush, and Moses- who has horns by the way, so he must be a Mormon! ;) 

After Notre Dame, we headed to a luau that was put on by a member from the South Bend ward. Well, this wasn't just a little get together for some church members. Oh no. It was like a community event! They had a car show, a professional DJ/radio host person, professional dancers, huge amounts of food and fireworks! Yeah, it was crazy. Needless to say we were only there for a little bit because the music got a little not so appropriate.
We ended up at the church for the rest of the evening and played games, age pixie stix and I learned how to lay Cups! It was a very fun day!
As good as the 4th was though, the highlights of the week were two of our lessons. The first lesson we had with a man that has been going from church to church for years. He has this whole schedule of three or four different churches and services that he goes to every week. Well, we watched the Restoration DVD with him this week and the Spirit was very strong. He's very open to the idea of Joseph Smith and he committed to really put forth the effort to read the Book of Mormon and to find out if it was true. That was the first highlight.

The second highlight was our lesson with the girl that is coming to the baptism this weekend. Earlier in the week we met with her and her family had given her some anti stuff from the church her sister has been going to. She asked us about it, but honestly she wasn't all that concerned about it. She has a much deeper question concerning why there are so many churches and why they can't all just be one since we all believe in Christ. We tried to explain, but we think there is something else that she is trying to ask and doesn't know how, so she got pretty emotional and then we got emotional because we want to help her so much. A few days later we had another lesson with her in a members home. It was amazing! We shared the Restoration DVD with her and she seemed to like it a lot because she's a visual learner, but also she has a lot of similar questions to Joseph Smith. She opened up a lot afterward about some of the things she wants in her life and the member we were with was so great! She extended a lot of help and support to her. It seems like things may really be turning up. It's a slow process, but we think she will be able to learn to the truth for herself soon.
Well, I hope you all had a great week!
Talk to you later!

Sister Ruth

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