Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Galaxy Note 4 and My Top Apps

Disclaimer: I am not working for, nor trying to promote Samsung or AT&T and am in no way affiliated with them other than being a happy customer.

Like most of you out there, I have a smartphone, and not just any smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It has a wonderful, 5.7" screen. Now, I know what you're probably thinking. THAT'S ENORMOUS!

Why, yes, yes it is. That's the entire reason I bought it! Well, not the entire reason. You see, prior to my mission (and for a short time after I returned), I was using one of those dinky, cheap touch screen phones with a slide out keyboard. It was tiny. It was incredibly slow. When you tapped the screen, it vibrated so hard it was almost impossible to keep a hold of it. In other words... it was terrible! Some days I thought I was going to rip my head off, it frustrated me so much!

So I splurged and believe you me, the Note 4 cost a pretty penny, especially since I bought it out of pocket without a contract.

But it was worth it!

I love this phone more than any other I've had or any of the phones (primarily iPhones) my friends have. Let me list all the reasons this phone rocks:
  • Speedy quad-core processor
  • Beautiful display
  • Fast charging!
  • Fantastic photos and a front facing camera
  • The S Pen!
Let me tell you about one of my favorite features. The S Pen. What is the S Pen, you ask? Simply put it is a stylus like you would use on an old palm pilot, but it's so much better. Using S Note you can write in your own handwriting rather than having to tap or slide to create text. You can also use this feature while texting or searching on creating any kind of text if you, like me, find it faster to actually write. You can use the pen to hover over links as well as copy and paste text or links.

I can't list all of the amazing things the Note 4 can do, but here are a few more things that make this phone awesome. You can have multiples windows open at a time just as you would on a computer. You can shrink the screen for one handed use (since it's ridiculous trying to stretch your thumb all the way across the incredibly wide screen). Finally, it's fun to watch movies and YouTube videos on because you can actually see them! The screen is the perfect size so if you are on the train or in bed and you can watch your favorite videos without straining your eyes like you would on a smaller device.  

Now, for my favorite (FREE) apps:

  • Gospel Library
    • This app allows you to access the Standard Works (KJV, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price with Bible Dictionary, Appendix and Maps) as well as all song and teaching resources used during Sunday meetings. It also allows you to access Conference talks by the prophets and other Church publications.
  • LDS Tools
    • This app allows you to access your Ward and Stake directories and calendar, who has what callings, reports and find meetinghouse locations.
  • Pinterest
    • Need I describe this app?
  • Calm
    • This is a helpful little tool for meditation. It has different sounds and music that you can use on your own as well as walkthroughs to help you calm your nerves and settle in for the night or start off your day right!
  • Hoopla
    • This particular app works through your (or at least my) county library system. Through here, you can get eAudiobooks, eMovies, eMusic and eTelevision. Granted, it doesn't have everything, but it does have a decent selection, especially if you are into the "classics" such as Dumas, Austen, Brontë and the like.
  • Period Tracker
    • This is for all you ladies out there! Track your starting and ending dates as well as your symptoms and flow to get a more accurate idea on how long your "normal" cycle is and what you can expect and be prepared for at specific times of the month. 
Well lovelies, that's it for now!


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